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Jet Mill

Working Principle
The AB jet mill is a dry grinding machine that makes use of the high speed jet air to grind various materials into ultrafine particles. After being filtered and dried, the compressed air will pass through a series of supersonic nozzles and enter the grinding cavity where the materials will get accelerated to impact, crash each other and be smashed at the intersection of the nozzles.

Then the powdered materials will be graded timely by the classifier in the upper part of the machine. The coarse particles will be rejected by classifying wheel and go back to the mill again, while the qualified particles will be collected by the cyclone collector.

Product Features
1.The particles grinded by our jet mill are even in size with a high degree of fineness (Min.D97=2um).
2. The vortex classifier can grade the resultant powder in time to prevent excessive pulverization.
3. The product is powered by the compressed air, which will expand at the outlet of nozzles to keep low operating temperature in the grinding process. Therefore, it is suitable for processing the materials with heat sensitivity and low melting point.
4. This jet mill is free from any impurity during grinding, getting the smashed materials with high purity.
5. There is no rotating part in the grinding chamber so that the product works with little mechanical abrasion, as well as low operating noise.
6. With compact structure, it is space saving and easy for installation and dismantlement.
7. The inflammable and explosive material can be grinded in a closed cycle via the inert gases, which is the working media and can be recycled. The consumption of the inert gases is minimized.
8. Due to the high automation, this product is convenient for operation.

The jet mill is widely applied in the superfine grinding of various dry powdered materials, such as chemicals, pharmaceutical, metallurgy materials, abrasives, non-metallic minerals, battery anode and cathode materials, talc, kaolin, quartz, graphite, flame retardant, ceramics, etc.

AB Jet mill Technical Parameters
Item/Specification AB03 AB06 AB10 AB15 AB20 AB30 AB40 AB60 AB80
Production capacity(kg/h) 10-100 20-250 60-500 150-800 200-1200 300-1800 400-2500 600-3500 1000-5000
Air consumption (m3/min) 3 6 10 15 20 30 40 60 80
Size of feed material (mm) <5 <5 <5 <5 <5 <5 <5 <5 <5
Product fineness (d50=μm) 0.5-150 0.5-150 0.5-150 0.5-150 0.5-150 0.5-150 0.5-150 0.5-150 0.5-150
Installed power (kw) 30 50 90 110 150 220 300 450 580

Jet Mill Process Flow Diagram

Nitrogen Protection Jet Mill Process Flow Diagram

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