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Air Classifier

The AF air classifier is primary applied to centrifugal classification of superfine material by size, shape and density of the particle via dry air. This product can be used with every grinder in a closed smashing and grading system, which effectively reduces the production cost, proving to be more rational in design. Meanwhile, the inflammable, explosive or easily oxidized materials can be classified under the protection of the inert gas.

Product Features
1.The optimized design of the grading impeller realizes a narrow particle size distribution that means even distribution of similar sized particles, with high operating precision. The particle size enjoys a wide range of arbitrary adjustment between (d50)1.0 and 150μm.
2. The classification efficiency of the product reaches 60% to 90%.
3. It is wearing resistant and also supports continuously variable speed, easy access for complete cleaning, as well as easy change for different materials.
4. Running at negative pressure, the product offers a clean working environment without dust leakage, along with minimum noise and vibration.
5. The motor can get directly connected with the air classifier that maintains stable operation even at a high rotation speed. Additionally, the unit comes with a compact structure and low failure rate.
6. The product features serialized design with the handling capacity ranging from 10kg to 200,000kg within an hour.

1.This product works in conjunction with diverse grinding equipment to classify and collect fine powder.
2. It thoroughly eliminates the oversize and undersize particles to prevent particle entrainment.
3. Cooperated with several classifiers via serial connection, the product is able to separate the materials in different sections by particle size.
4. It is capable of classifying the inflammable, explosive or easily oxidized materials with the help of the inert gases.

Application Area
The air classifier has found comprehensive applications in chemical, mineral (especially for classifying the calcium carbonate, kaolin, quartz, talc and mica), metallurgy, abrasive, ceramic, refractory material, medicine, pesticide, food, health care products, new material and other industries.

Technical Parameters
Type Handling capacity
Product fineness (μm) Classification efficiency (%) Power of main machine (kw) Installation power (kw)
AF050 0.1~0.5 2~100 70-85 5.5 30
AF100 0.5~1.0 2~100 70-85 11 45
AF200 1.0~3.0 2~100 70-85 22 70
AF400 2.0~8.0 2~100 70-85 37 95
AF600 5.0~15 2~100 70-85 45 120
AF800 10~25 2~100 70-85 55 200
AF1000 20~50 2~100 70-85 75 250
AF1200 50~100 2~100 70-85 110 360
AF1600 80~150 2~100 70-85 132 400
AF2000 200~300 2~100 70-85 160 500

AF Single Air Classifier Process Flow Diagram

AF Multi-stage Air Classifier Process Flow Diagram

Nitrogen Protection Air Classifier Process Flow Diagram

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