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Ultra-fine Roller Mill

The CXM ultra-fine roller mill is a new type of dry grinding equipment that is made with related latest technologies in the world. Based on mechanical characteristics of the Raymond mill and Lapels mill, this product shows a smart use of the curved grinding path, rationally utilizing the mechanisms of colliding, shearing and grinding to achieve high energy efficiency.

Working Principle
The product adopts the dry roller grinding method. Its grinding rollers on three layers of brackets will rotate with the brackets and push the materials towards the grinding ring, also the stator under the centrifugal force. Then they will press the inner wall of the grinding ring with self rotation. When passing the spacing between the rollers and the stators, the materials will be grinded into powder under the great impact, rolling and grinding force. Then the pulverized particles will be timely graded by the classifier. The qualified particles are collected while the oversized particles will turn back for further grinding.

Product Features
1.The ultra-fine roller mill combines the functions of pulverization and classification to draw the particles out of the classifier in time to avoid excessive comminuting.
2. It is designed with compact structure, taking up a little space.
3. This product enjoys easy access for setup and can be put into use directly after installation.
4. The fineness is ranging from (D97)3 to 35μm, meeting the target of fluidized bed jet mill.
5. The product is suitable for mounting with dedicated sound arrester in accordance with environmental requirement.

The product is applicable for superfine milling of materials with Mohs hardness below 5 degree, such as calcium carbonate, talc powder, bauxite, kaolin, diatomite and bentonite, graphite, limestone, calcite, marble, barite, gypsum, clay, chalk, white mica, mica, illite, pyrophyllite, vermiculite, sepiolite, attapulgite, rectorite, alumstone, fluorite, phosphate rock, potassium ore, pumice, etc.

The ultra-fine roller mill is also applied in multiple fields including the iron oxide red, iron oxide green, aluminum hydroxide, dyestuff, papermaking, flame retardants, building materials, chemicals, medicine, food, health care products, etc.

Technical Parameters
Type CXM150 CXM300 CXM400 CXM500
Roller quantity (pc) 15 15 21 30
Diameter of roller path 540 720 900 1200
Layers of roller path 3 3 3 3
Fineness (μm) 12-45 12-45 12-45 12-45
Total power(kw) 55 100 135 185
Capacity of coarse whiting 400kg/h 800kg/h 1300kg/h 1800kg/h
Power consumption (kw·h/t) <90

CXM Ultra-fine Roller Mill Process Flow Diagram

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