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Grain Grinding and Shaping Machine

The F grain grinding and shaping machine is developed based on the efficient BARMAC crusher of Tidco International Group in New Zealand. Now it has been used in the fields of non-metallic ores, refractory material, artificial sand, glass, ceramics, cement, especially for hard abrasives industry. Due to the characteristics of little abrasion, high efficiency and high bulk density, this product is irreplaceable by any other smashing solution.

Working Principle
The grain grinding and shaping machine is constituted with the crushing system, dust removing system and electronic control system. The motor drives the vertical axis via triangular belt, resulting in the revolution of the flying disc at high speed. When the materials pass through the flying disc, they will get kinetic energy and will fly out rapidly under the action of centrifugal force, getting smashed in grinding chamber.

Product Features
1.The smashed material features good particle shape without needle-like, flaky grain. The particle has no micro crack and the hardness of single piece is also improved.
2. The particle made by our machine has high bulk density and excellent cleanliness on the surface.
3. As the finished powder contains high purity, the subsequent acid and alkali treatment can be simplified or omitted.
4. The grain grinding and shaping machine enjoys small abrasion, low noise, stable operation and long service life of the wearing parts.
5. It has fewer wearing parts and less power consumption than the ball mill, roller crushing mill and Raymond mill so that its cost is minimized.
6. We provide a series of products with diversified functions, such as the machine exclusively used for grinding sand, powder making, shaping or changing particle size distribution, as well as the versatile equipment applicable for multiple use purposes. In addition, we also adopt variable frequency control technology and classification technology with grading impeller on some products to achieve more flexible adjustment and wider applicability.

Our product has found wide applications in abrasives, non-metallic ores, refractory materials, artificial sand, glass, ceramics, cements and other industries.

Technical Parameters
Type Feeding capacity (t/h) Feeding size (mm) Installation power(kw)
F400B 2-3 <10 11-15
F400C 4 <20 15-20
F500A 5-6 <25 22-30
F500B 5-3 <10 22-25
F500C 8-10 <30 37-45
F700 2-3 <10 30-37

F Grinding and Shaping Machine Process Flow Diagram

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