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Particle Dry Cleaning Machine

Our patented product, the GX particle dry cleaning machine is mainly used for purifying and classifying the particle, as well as improving its surface cleanliness. It is the efficient and environmental friendly equipment to replace or simplify the water scrubbing process at present.

Working Principle
This unit is comprised of the purging device, sectionalizing device, classifier, dust catcher, draught fan, electronic controller and other parts. Via the force of high energy wind, the boiling particles are collided, crashed and thereby smashed. After blowing and classifying, the fluidized particles are separated into two portions (or one) for collection while the impurities and undersized powder are collected by the dust catcher.

Product Features
1.The surface cleanliness of the final powder reaches or exceeds that of the washed grain (assessed by the turbidity comparison), while the processing cost is only 1/6 or 1/10 of the latter method, reference to abrasives. The product reduces the amount of the impure substance.
2. The particle dry cleaning machine realizes less investment through omitting the sieving and magnetic separation process, in which the dust removal is needed.
3. The impeller for classification is free of abrasion and no wearing part is applied in the unit.
4. High classification precision allows for high rate of cleaned product.
5. The combination of special subsection technology and precise classification method makes it possible to accomplish the segmentation, grading and dry cleaning of the materials at one time.
6. The product works at continuously variable speed so as to realize the flexible adjustment for materials in different variety, specification and grain size, simplifying the technological process.

The particle dry cleaning machine is suitable for washing abrasives, refractory materials, clean coal and other mineral particles.

Technical Parameters
Type Production capacity (t/h) Power (kw) Remarks
GX-2 0.5-2 21-24 bag dust collector
GX-40 0.8-1.5 13-15 bag dust collector
GX-80 2-3 20-25 bag dust collector

GX Dry Cleaning Machine Process Flow Diagram

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