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JHM Ball Mill

Designed and developed independently by us, the JHM ball mill is a new type ball grinder with internal classifying impeller, integrating the size reduction and classification. It wins the national patents of invention and utility model, filling the blank in this filed at home.

Working Principle
Entering the grinding chamber of cylinder, the material is raised by rotating cylinder with the grinding media into certain height. When the piled surface of the media inclines at the angle that exceeds the natural piling angle, the grinding media will fall off, so do the materials. Both of them will crash, shear, extrude and grind mutually to get the materials smashed. Then the powdered materials will be classified immediately by classifier. The coarse powder will be returned for continuous grinding and the qualified powder will be collected by the sequence device.

Product Features
1.This ball mill integrates the size reduction and classification. Qualified product is immediately gotten thus overgrinding is avoided and grinding efficiency is improved.
2. This product enjoys simpler production process and occupies smaller space, compared with traditional one.
3. The directional reverse blowing wind reduces the temperature in the grinding chamber. It enables the product to realize the pulverization and classification of the materials sensitive to heat, offering a wider applied range than the conventional machine.
4. The negative pressure operation prevents the dust leakage.

The ball mill is suitable for the battery material, metal dust, abrasives, building materials, non-metal ores and more. Grinding media like alumina ball is applicable for the materials with requirement of super purity and narrow size distribution.

Technical Parameters
Parameters Type Main power (kw) Classifier power (kw) Weight (T) Dimension L×W×H (m) Product fineness (d97=μm)
JHMA1.8×0.5 22 2.2 7.5 4.85×2.7×2.2 2-100
JHMA2.2×0.5 45 3 10.48 4.85×2.98×2.42 2-100
JHMB2.2×0.5 75 6 18.8 9.2×2.98×2.42 2-100
JHMB3.0×0.5 200 15 34.2 10.5×3.38×3.2 2-100
JHMB3.5×0.5 250 30 47 10.5×3.63×3.72 2-100
JHMB4.0×0.5 355 44 67.5 11.4×4.6×4.21 2-100
JHMB4.5×0.5 500 74 83.8 11.4×5.1×4.72 2-100
JHMB5.0×0.5 630 90 112.5 12.4×6.8×6.21 2-100
JHMB6.0×0.5 1000 120 142.7 12.4×6.8×7.3 2-100
JHMB7.0×0.5 1600 180 178.9 12.4×8.1×7.3 2-100
JHMB8.0×0.5 2000 220 239.5 12.8×8.6×8.2 2-100

JHM Ball Mill Process Flow Diagram (Single ball mill)

JHM Ball Mill Process Flow Diagram (Double ball mills)

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