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Ball Mill

Working Principle
The raw material is fed into the grinding chamber of the ball mill by the quantitative feeding system, experiencing repeated collision and abrasion with the grinding media. Through the end of the product, the smashed particles are pushed into the air classifier where the separation of the fine and coarse particles is completed. The qualified powder is collected into cyclone and bag collector while the oversized powder will go back to the grinding chamber for further smashing.

Product Features
1.The combination of proper ball mill with AF air classifier can lower the energy consumption by 20%.
2. To meet the customer's requirements for the purity and whiteness of the finished powder, we choose the high chromium, the alumina, zirconia, plastic and other materials to make the lining of the ball mill, the classifier or work as grinding media.
3. The ball mill cooperates with the AF series of air classifiers that feature accurate cutting point, large handling capacity, high extraction efficiency and other merits. Therein, the maximum handling capacity reaches 200T/h and the reasonable classifying impeller is able to separate superfine particles with the fineness up to D97=2μm.

This product line is suitable for grinding and classifying the alumina, bauxite, calcium carbonate, kaolin, potassium feldspar, talc, fly ash, slag, zircon sand, ultrafine cement, quartz, reflective material, etc.

Technical Parameters
No. Configuration Power (kw) Handling capacity(T/h) Product fineness(d97=μm )
1 ¢1.5 with AF200 190 1-5 2-60
2 ¢1.83with AF300 340 3-10 2-60
3 ¢2.2with AF400 490 5-15 2-60
4 ¢2.4with AF600 625 10-30 2-60
5 ¢2.4with AF800 810 15-40 2-60
6 ¢2.6with AF1000 1200 30-80 4-60
7 ¢3.0with AF1200 1500 40-150 4-60
8 ¢3.5with AF2000 2350 60-200 5-60

Ball Mill Classifier Process Flow Diagram

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