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  • Jet MillThe product is powered by the compressed air, which will expand at the outlet of nozzles to keep low operating temperature in the grinding process. Therefore, it is suitable for processing the materials with heat sensitivity and low melting point.
    This jet mill is free from any impurity during grinding, getting the smashed materials with high purity.
  • Disc Type Jet MillThe AP disc type jet mill is another type of grinding and pulverizing equipment, which is very popular in the fields of medicine, chemical industry, pesticide, pigment, dye, food, synthetic resin, white silica powder made from silicon tetrachloride, graphite, battery materials, etc. It primarily consists of the feeding inlet, grinding chamber, nozzle, discharge port, airflow outlet, compressed air inlet, classifying area and so on.
  • Air ClassifierThe optimized design of the grading impeller realizes a narrow particle size distribution that means even distribution of similar sized particles, with high operating precision. The particle size enjoys a wide range of arbitrary adjustment between (d50)1.0 and 150μm.
    The classification efficiency of the product reaches 60% to 90%.
  • Superfine Impact MillThe unit enjoys a narrow particle size distribution and adjustable fineness ranging from (d97) 2μm to 100μm.
    The airflow inside the unit is good for reducing the temperature, making it suitable for smashing the materials that are sensitive to heat.
  • Ultra-fine Roller MillThis product enjoys easy access for setup and can be put into use directly after installation.
    The fineness is ranging from (D97)3 to 35μm, meeting the target of fluidized bed jet mill.
    The product is suitable for mounting with dedicated sound arrester in accordance with environmental requirement.
  • Ball MillThe combination of proper ball mill with AF air classifier can lower the energy consumption by 20%.
    To meet the customer's requirements for the purity and whiteness of the finished powder, we choose the high chromium, the alumina, zirconia, plastic and other materials to make the lining of the ball mill, the classifier or work as grinding media.
  • JHM Ball MillThe directional reverse blowing wind reduces the temperature in the grinding chamber. It enables the product to realize the pulverization and classification of the materials sensitive to heat, offering a wider applied range than the conventional machine.
    The negative pressure operation prevents the dust leakage.
  • Grain Grinding and Shaping MachineThe smashed material features good particle shape without needle-like, flaky grain. The particle has no micro crack and the hardness of single piece is also improved.
    The particle made by our machine has high bulk density and excellent cleanliness on the surface.
  • Particle Dry Cleaning MachineThe surface cleanliness of the final powder reaches or exceeds that of the washed grain (assessed by the turbidity comparison), while the processing cost is only 1/6 or 1/10 of the latter method, reference to abrasives. The product reduces the amount of the impure substance.
    The particle dry cleaning machine realizes less investment through omitting the sieving and magnetic ...

Our product mainly includes the jet mill, centrifugal air classifier, rotary impact mill, ultra-fine roller mill, Jinghua ball mill classifier, etc. It is widely used for ultra fine grinding and classifying in such applications as food, talc, mica, graphite, pesticide, pharmaceutical, fire retardant, grinding material, additive, electric material, AC catalyst, AC foaming agent, chemical material, aluminum hydroxide, aluminum oxide, petroleum coke, dyestuff, coating material, carbon black, toner powder, new material, nonmetallic ore, battery material and more.

Our product is prominently characterized by low abrasion, low energy consumption, reasonable structure, high crushing efficiency, high classifying precision, as well as large production capacity. To guarantee the equipment quality, we strictly control the whole process from the purchasing of raw materials and also regularly train our technical staff to improve their skill levels. In addition, our products are rigorously detected by the test machine before delivery.