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Quality Control and Guarantee
Based on the effective communication with the project engineering department, we provide a whole set of detailed and reliable technical solutions, all of which are in accordance with the contract and technology agreement. After signing the contract, both the buyer and the seller can start production and construction.

Strictly complying with the ISO9001 quality control system and the relevant operation procedures, we accomplish the design, purchasing, production and inspection. To ensure the reliable equipment quality, we make inspection and write records for each process. The important parts are made based on the operational checkout procedure and the corresponding records, such as the nozzles, crushing chamber, impeller shaft, bearing sleeve, classification impeller, etc.

Prior to the installation, we will invite our customers to the company to make preliminary acceptance and check the written record according to the technology agreement. After installation, we will carry out an empty machine test. The contract can only be signed by both sides when the machine meets all the requirements. Then the products will be disassembled, packed and delivered.

Pre-sales Service
We offer both technical advisory services and 1:1 industrial test. The relevant technical information is also provided, such as elevation drawing, equipment layout diagram, detailed installation drawing, electrical system diagram, etc. After the equipment is manufactured, customers can come to have a machine test.

After-sales Service
Our after-sale service covers the technical guidance and training. We shall send technicians to offer you on-site assistance for installation and debugging as well as staff training. The services are provided for domestic customers free of charge, while foreign customers should be responsible for the round trip international air tickets, board and lodging expenses of the technicians, etc.